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PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Driver

Read our detailed analysis of the Pentax K-r DSLR camera, find out its strengths and weaknesses, and how it compares with the other cameras in its class. The new Pentax K-r is a mid-range DSLR camera that fills the gap between the entry-level K-x and prosumer K-7 models. The 12 megapixel K-r. Pentax K-r MP Digital SLR Camera with Inch LCD and mm f/ and mm f/ Lenses (Black). In stock.

PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera 64x

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PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Driver

Pentax K-r Review: Digital Photography Review

We tested to confirm the image quality is PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera, then concentrated the review on the differences between the two cameras. To learn everything about the K-r we recommend reading not only this review but also the full review of the Pentax K-x. The K-r was announced in September and slots into the Pentax line-up between the entry-level K-x and the enthusiast models K-7 and K Innovation is a good thing, except when innovation becomes its own justification.

PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Driver (2019)

Sometimes it really is better to just focus on the basics and manufacture the best camera you can build. The only front-panel control is the lens release button, positioned just below and to the left of the lens mount in the PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera above.

Pentax K-r

The top view shows only a few elements, and other than styling differences, is basically identical to that of the K-x. Two speaker holes are on the left of PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera pentaprism housing. The diopter correction slider appears just behind the hot shoe, accessible through a cutout in the top of the rubber eyepiece. Unlike the K-7 and K-5, there is no Front e-dial in front of the shutter release button; only one e-dial on the rear of the body is used to make adjustments to aperture or shutter speed, as well as menu PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera.

In Manual exposure mode, this e-dial changes the shutter speed, and you have to press and hold the Av button on the top deck to adjust aperture.

PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Drivers for Windows Mac

This button also serves to access Exposure Compensation. Just right of the EV button is the Green button, which re-centers exposure and metering settings depending on the mode.

Driver for PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera

Control layout, though, is all K-x, with all the same positions. The e-dial to the right of the viewfinder eyepiece is well positioned for easy thumb operation. A card access PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera window is just to the right of the Live View button, and below that is a very small four-way navigator with an OK button in the center.

I have large hands, and found this a little close to the edge of the camera to be very comfortable, but it's a necessary compromise to achieve the K-r's relatively compact size. PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera with smaller hands likely won't have any issue.

Pentax K-r Review

PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera You can see the outline of the SD card door, which is opened with a pull to the rear, then it swings out toward the right. The left-side view of the Pentax K-r shows the mm kit lens and the no-nonsense profile.

The Pentax K-r is based around a While the resolution PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera size are identical to that of the chip used in the previous K-x model, it's actually a newly designed chip. As in the K-x, the sensor assembly is mounted on a moving platter, used to provide for both in-body shake reduction and dust removal. The shake reduction system in the Pentax K-r provides the same claimed 4-stop improvement as that of the K-x, and as with that camera, doesn't include the rotational correction ability of the system used in the company's flagship K-7 and K-5 models.

The sensor-shift mechanism is also used as part of Pentax's dust removal system, shaking the sensor PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera to remove dust particles from the low-pass filter that's overlaid on the CMOS sensor.

Unlike the K-7, the Pentax K-r doesn't include a piezoelectric element, which can vibrate PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera low-pass filter at a higher frequency than is possible with the sensor shift mechanism. Although we don't have an objective way to measure dust removal efficacy, we've subjectively found systems that rely on shaking the sensor assembly are generally somewhat less effective than those based around piezoelectric systems.

The K-x was no slouch when it came to high ISO shooting, but its expanded maximum sensitivity limit PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera ISO 12, has been moved into the Pentax K-r's standard range, with the new body offering an extremely wide standard range of ISO to 12, equivalents.

Pentax K-r Digital SLR Camera with mm Zoom Lens B&H

The Pentax K-r's burst performance is even more impressive, beating not only the K-x, but also Pentax's previous flagship K-7 model in terms of outright speed. Where the K-x was capable of shooting at 4.

For subjects where a little less speed is required, the PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Continuous Lo mode captures JPEG images at a sedate two frames per second for as long as there's available card space, and is rated by Pentax as capable of 36 Raw frames in a burst. Pentax has also upgraded the K-r's autofocus system to its latest SAFOX IX system, a designation which had only previously been applied to the company's medium format D model.

There are a total of eleven points, of which all but two are cross-type, sensitive to both horizontal PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera vertical detail.

The cross-type points are arranged in a three by three grid towards the center of the image frame, while on either side of this grid there's one linear sensor. The AF module's optics also have better controlled aberration, said to further improve autofocus accuracy. Where the flagship APS-C and medium format cameras all include a secondary light color sensor dedicated PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera determining the light source type, which is then taken into account when determining focus, the Pentax K-r lacks this function.

Beyond the AF module itself, the Pentax K-r includes a couple of other significant features that are present in the flagship K-5 and K-7 models, but not in the K-x -- and one of these answers one of our main criticisms with its entry-level sibling. The Pentax K-r adds a dedicated autofocus assist lamp, where the K-x depended on either an external flash strobe, or rapid, low-power strobing of its internal flash to provide assist illumination.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera K-r now includes an indication of the active autofocus point s in its optical viewfinder -- a feature that was conspicuously absent in both the K-x, and the preceding K aka K-m. This should not only make manual AF point selection more natural, negating the need to remove your eye from the viewfinder while making point selections, but also makes PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera easier to confirm that the correct subject has been selected for focusing when using automatic point selection.

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