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Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV Driver

A used and tested Dynex DXLA11 lvds + cables set for your Dynex DXLA11 tv. This Dynex DXLA11 lvds + all cables set was removed from. Dynex - 46" Class - LCD - p - 60Hz - HDTV - Multi. Model: DXLA11 viewing experience while you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. ZRC DX-RC01A DX-RC01A RCB Remote for almost all Dynex LCD LED TV--Such as DXLA11 DXLA11 DXLA

Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV Driver Windows

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Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV Driver

Replacing individual parts on the board is cheaper but more prone to not tracking down all of the bad parts. If the inverter is good, then it's probably backlights themselves several in most TVs.

Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV Treiber Windows 10

These are sandwiched on the perimeter of the TV usually under some tape that holds the lamp, reflector and other parts together. You need to order by length and width and get ones for your TV size. Remove the tape, and separate the reflector make a note of how things are put together then you have to Dremel or Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV another rotary tool to remove the plastic to get Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV backlight out.

They are often molded into the frame. Then put in the new backlight and reassemble everything. Similarly a good inverter can test the backlight.

Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV 64x

In essence I wanted to swap the outputs of an adjacent transformer to see if the suspect lamp would light. The result was the '2 seconds to black' and I think the Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV lamp is still dark goes off to quickly to really tell. So I remove the jumpers and put Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV back and I get almost 30 seconds of light again with the suspect lamp being dark.

Thing is with the one bulb being dark it could be the bulb and not the inverter. At which point it might not be worth fixing see p.

SOLVED: Dynex DXLA11 Screen goes black after one - Fixya

Sometimes other parts will fail on this part but these can be spotted easily. Capacitors look like cylinders on a tripod.

If you borrow or have a high-end multimeter able to measure high frequencies - 50 kHz or an oscilloscope, hold the multimeter Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV a fraction of an inch apart about an inch above the board and power up the TV. If you see a 1 or an actual value, you have a good inverter.

Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV Driver for Windows 7

If you see a reading near 0, the board is bad or the multimeter can't resolve the frequency. Disconnect all of the wires connections are similar Dynex DX-46L150A11 TV molex and ribbon cables in a computer and remove board a few screws usually. Connect the cables to the new inverter.

If you google backlight inverter replacement, you'll find videos and text descriptions.

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